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This website is powered by the Nordic Tech List (NTL) database. The aim of NTL is to provide useful data on private companies in the Nordic region.

What is NTL?

NTL is a site for all of the facts, figures and news about the Nordic Tech ecosystems. The site is built on a graph database that includes startups, investors and the people involved in Nordic Tech. The NTL graph database is constantly growing from all of the data and information provided by users, investors and journalists.

What is the aim of NTL?

The aim of NTL is to help grow the Nordic Tech ecosystem both locally and internationally by creating an online platform for everything Nordic Tech. The goal is to become the first choice resource for all of the facts, figures and news about the Nordic Tech ecosystem.

Who can use NTL and how much does it cost?

Anyone interested in the Nordic Tech ecosystem can create an account free of charge! Just follow the simple sign up process.

Why is NTL in English if it is being launched in Sweden first?

The predominant business language within the Nordic Tech community is English and we want NTL to be relevant to as many people as possible locally and internationally who are looking to move to or invest in the Nordics.

Who can create profile pages?

Anyone can create a personal profile page for themselves, simply click on create profile. Anyone who is logged in as a user can create profile pages for any company involved in the Nordic Tech ecosystem. Simply search for name of the company, if they are not already in NTL then they can be simply added to NTL using the drop down box from the search bar.

Who can add data and information to NTL?

Anyone who is logged in as a user can add relevant data or information to NTL. All user changes to profile pages can be viewed from the contributors tab on each page. In accordance with the terms and conditions all users are responsible for the content that they upload to NTL and as editors NTL can remove any content at any time. Any content that has not been added by users of the site has been added by NTL as editors of the site.

Do you have any applications to support bulk uploading of data to NTL?

Yes, NTL has been built from spreadsheets of data provided by the partner firms. If you have bulk data that you think will be applicable to NTL (lists of startups, investors, deal flow data or employees of companies etc.) please do email and we will come back to you to work out the most efficient way to upload the data into NTL.

If anyone can add information to NTL then how do you prevent inaccurate information being added to NTL in error?

NTL takes data and information from multiple different sources (users, investors, journalists and soon from APIs). Therefore with input from multiple different sources the data is crosschecked to help avoid errors. The following also help to avoid errors:

  • Only users who are logged into NTL are able to add and edit information and each event to shown in the event log for all users to see.
  • Each data point is recorded in the NTL event log that is reviewed on a regular basis for inaccurate information.
  • NTL also has a reference section (to be launched soon) like Wikipedia so that users can add points of reference.
  • Finally, and most importantly, if you see any incorrect information on NTL then please do make the relevant changes. If for any reason you are not able to make the changes yourself please do email

Why has someone already created a personal profile page for me?

The kind and hardworking NTL team have created some personal profile pages in their capacity as editors of the site - you must be cool if they have created a profile page for you! We would now like to transfer the control of your personal profile page to you, please see below.

How do I claim control of my personal profile page?

To claim control of your personal profile page, please send an email to the NTL team who will transfer control of your profile page to you or ask for further information if required. At the moment this process is manual so it might take a couple of hours to give you control of your profile. You can only claim control of your own personal profile page, please do not waste your time and our time by trying to claim control of a personal profile page that is not you.

What will happen once the NTL team have given me control of my personal profile page?

Once you have control of your personal profile page a green shield will be shown next to your name. As the controller of your personal profile page any connections or changes to your profile will be edited and published by you.

How is my personal data handled?

All personal data is handled in accordance with Swedish law, please see the privacy policy for further details.

Who controls personal profile pages that have not yet been claimed?

The NTL team have control over the personal profile pages that have not yet been claimed in their capacity as editors of the site.

How do I edit a profile or add missing information to a profile?

Company profiles on NTL consist of different sections, each of which contains a certain type of information. Each section can be edited by clicking on the “Edit” button on the top righthand corner of each section. To make a change to a personal profile just click on suggest change at the top of the profile.

How can I remove my profile from NTL?

To request removal of a profile because of legal issues or to remove a duplicate profiles, please contact us at

I see something incorrect on NTL... How can I fix it?

In the first instance please do edit NTL directly. Should you require help, please do contact with your questions.

Who owns NTL?

NTL is owned and fully funded by Dagens industri. The NTL team sit alongside the Di Digital team.